July Recap

July 19 Recap
I loved putting this July Recap together and looking back over what I’ve read (good and bad). Though the month just seems to fly by! I really enjoyed City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and Lock Every Door by Riley Sager which were top reads for last month. There are some great sounding new releases coming up in August too that I’m looking forward to but here’s my July recap of books:
The Au Pair Emma Rous
The Au Pair by Emma Rous

I heard some mixed things regarding the ending (which I agree was a little far fetched despite being plausible). The story is told through Seraphine in the present and The Au Pair, Laura in the past. It was an interesting premise and quite well written.  Great for a super easy vacay read.

Magic for Liars Sarah Gailey
Magic For Liars by Sarah Gailey

I really enjoyed Magic for Liars – I loved the addition of magic into a detective novel! The world-building was really interesting, despite only having the backdrop of the magical school. I really enjoyed the detective element and Ivy was such a great main character – very easy to identify with. A very easy fun whodunnit read that will keep you interested till the end!

Dear Mrs Bird by A.J Pearce

I LOVED this novel so much more than I thought I would! Pure bookstagram recommendation and am so glad I picked it up! Pearce has such a witty but charming way of writing. I loved all the characters and this was just so sweet to curl up and read in the evenings. Highly recommended. This was what I wanted Guernsey to be which you can read about more here.

An Anonymous Girl Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen
An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us was a top read of mine for 2018 so I don’t understand why it took me so long to get to An Anonymous Girl! Ah, the mountainous TBR… An interesting premise though I liked The Wife Between Us more, this was a really solid follow up novel and definitely cemented into an auto-buy author for me. I loved the voice of Shields and liked the main character, Jessica who I think will resonate with a lot of people. Recommended and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

The Unhoneymooners Christina Lauren
The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Ugh, maybe I really should give romance a miss. The Unhoneymooners was just ok. Boring, predictable and without very charming main characters which made me sad. Even the romantic backdrop of Hawaii couldn’t save this novel. I don’t know; I’ve seen lots of very good reviews for this one but it really missed its mark for me.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in August…

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

This sounds super sinister with a family moving in upstairs with things getting very dark, very quickly! Lisa Jewell writes some amazing thrillers so I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

The Turn of the Key Ruth Ware
The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is an auto-buy author for me so I’m super excited about her latest thriller! Rowan Caine takes on a live-in nannying position in the Scottish Highlands which ends in herself on trial for murder. Told through letters to her lawyer to explain the events that led to her incarceration, she maintains her innocence. Which means someone else out there is guilty…

The Taking of Annie Thorne C.J. Tudor
The Taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor

Annie disappears for forty-eight hours but when she returns she can’t say or explain just what happened to her. But something did happen. Annie did not return as Annie… I really enjoyed The Chalk Man so I’m looking forward to CJ Tudor’s latest. I like her writing style and this sounds super creepy. Maybe not one for before bed!

The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan

Haunted by the loss of her beloved nanny, Jo returns to her faded aristocratic home, Lake Hall thirty years later. Jo is forced to confront her troubled relationship with her mother but when human remains are discovered in a lake on the estate, Jo begins to question everything she knew. I’m really intrigued by The Nanny – I’ve heard nothing and hoping to keep it that way! Will hopefully reserve an afternoon to consume soon.

What did you read in July that I should pick up? Have you read any of the books in my July Recap? I’ve gone a little thriller heavy so I need something else to balance it out! I’d love to hear what I need to add to my TBR!

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