Lock Every Door by Riley Sager – Book Review

Lock Every Door Riley Sager

Lock Every Door is the latest thriller from Riley Sager. I loved The Last Time I Lied last year and sounds like Lock Every Door will be the thriller of the summer!

Jules is having a rough time after losing her job, causing her to catch her boyfriend cheating on her. Suddenly without a place to live, she applies for what appears to be an amazing position; apartment sitting at the luxurious Bartholemew building in New York for an incredible salary. But something feels a little off at The Bartholomew and when one of the other apartment sitters goes missing, Jules starts to wonder what really is going on at The Bartholomew?


Jules takes on a job apartment sitting in the iconic Bartholomew building in New York. All she has to do is follow a few simple rules. Flat broke and recently heartbroken Jules accepts and finds herself drawn to fellow apartment sitter Ingrid. When Ingrid confides that the Bartholomew is not what it seems, Jules brushes it off – until Ingrid disappears. Searching for the truth, Jules digs deeper into the staff and residents of the Bartholomew. Discovering that Ingrid is not the first sitter to disappear, Jules is racing against the clock to expose the buildings hidden past and escape the Bartholomew. Read full synopsis on Goodreads here.  


Lock Every Door alternates between Jules in the hospital and five days before she moved into The Bartholomew. More adult and gothic thrillery; there’s no teenagers or slasher vibe, as with Segar’s others. This is a more modern book that feels a little more creepy than scary.

Some may find the story a little out there but I found it plausible. The twists were incredibly clever and I had to try and slow down to appreciate the story instead of rushing ahead! Sager writes like you’re watching a film – so is super easy to picture Jules fighting for her life inside the bartholomew. But I don’t want to give anything away as MUCH better when it is unexpected!!

The setting of The Bartholomew was grand and majestic and felt like a character in and of itself. An iconic landmark where the rich and famous live, known for being super secretive – there’s Gargoyles and creepy watchful wallpaper However it didn’t give me all the American Horror Story vibes, unfortunately. I was hoping for a more sinister background but hey.

Jules was such a great character and is super relatable. While seemingly flawed she’s quite intelligent and just a little down on her luck which makes her the perfect victim to fall for the apartment offer. I adore that Segar always makes the reader care about his protaganist. So they feel normal and react in realistic ways – Jules made it easy to get fully absorbed in the story. A lot of people will be able to relate to making allowances in the desperation of needing money.

While I did enjoy Lock Every Door it’s not my favourite. Despite a twist I didn’t anticipate, I was hoping the book would be more ghost story than it was. If you’re after a thriller this summer or an easy vacation read this is definietly it! Riley Sager is still an auto-buy for me and as always I’m eagerly anticipating his next novel!

Have you read Lock Every Door? How do you think it compares to Riley Sager’s other thrillers? Leave a comment below!

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