Monthly Recap : December

In an effort to review more of the books I tend to leave behind I’ll be posting my monthly recap with mini reviews! Sometimes (especially if I didn’t like or feel meh about a book) it takes me so long to write a review for a book that I tend to just skip it Plus you know so many books so little time… This way I hope to include more reads and I’ll be sharing my top picks for the month’s new releases. Full disclosure – your tbr may get larger every month!! Happy reading!!

Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Perfect as a zone out before bedtime

I hadn’t read Practical Magic (only seen the movie!) before reading Rules of Magic which didn’t affect the story. I really liked the magic side of it and while I didn’t identify with the characters they were still plenty engaging. More focused on the curse and its origin from Practical Magic. The story is of the aunts growing up through to Gillian and Sally coming to live with them. A very easy read – you could quite happily read before bed and not lose your place.

One Day in December by Josie Silver

Read it!! Light and fluffy in all the right places

OMG. I really don’t do romance, I often find it too cliche and boring. But One Day in December was al over bookstagram and so I thought I’d actually do a ‘christmas read’. So glad I did! It was pretty cute – I loved all the characters. Especially Sarah who was so charming and they had such a cool relationship. Had a few of the usual tropes but they didn’t distract from the story and the characters themselves were diverse enough that it felt realistic. Highly recommend.

The Hate you Give by Angie Thomas

Buy it. The Hate you Give should be read numerous times…

Wow. Embarrassed it took me so long to pick up! Really powerful story and I love the way Starr’s family were portrayed. I’m really looking forward to Angie Thomas’ next release in 2019. Highly highly recommend.

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

One of the best thriller’s I’ve read in awhile

Amazingly my first of Karin Slaughters! Luckily I have a whole backlog I can read!! The characters were great and the mystery top notch. Interesting premise and a twist I did not see coming! Few cringe moments I have to admit. I’m not good with eyes…

New Releases in January

The Wicked King by Holly Black

The follow up to The Cruel Prince is an excellent way to start of the year! I thoroughly enjoyed the first, though may have to do a reread before release date…

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks

The Wife Between Us was such an unexpectedly enjoyable thriller last year that I’m really excited about An Anonymous Girl! It sounds like more of a psychological thriller with a creepy doctor and I’m sure lots of twists and turns! I’ll be reserving an afternoon for this one

The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden

I haven’t read this series yet but bookstagram raves about it!! I’m really excited and love that I will have all three to read one after the other. Yuss.

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh

I’m already intrigued as it’s been described as The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Virgin Suicides. A dystopian feminist revenge fantasy? Um not sure but I’m definitely intrigued!

The Kingdom of Copper by SA Shakraborty

I enjoyed The City of Brass even though I didn’t find it amazing I’m still intrigued enough about its sequel. I liked the characters and found them really engaging I’m just hoping the story goes into more depth.

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