Top 10 Celebrity Memoirs of 2018

2018 has seen the release of some excellent celebrity memoirs.
They allow us a glimpse into the thought processes and behind the scenes of some of music and movies biggest stars.
I’ve included a few below which have been hitting the best sellers lists this year:

1. Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon

Academy award–winning actress, producer, and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon invites you into her world. Where she infuses the southern style, parties, and traditions she loves with contemporary flair and charm. I am pretty excited to read this one and have seen so many great pics on Instagram! Reese’s grandmother Dorothea always said that a combination of beauty and strength made southern women “whiskey in a teacup.” We may be delicate and ornamental on the outside, but inside we’re strong and fiery. Reese’s southern heritage forms her whole life. And she loves sharing the joys of southern living. 

2. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America, she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history. She has established herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls around the world. And dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and more active lives. Standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments. Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke and raised two down-to-earth daughters. In her memoir, Michelle Obama invites people into her world. Both public and private, telling her full story as she has lived it. Warm, wise and revelatory, Becoming is the deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance. One who has steadily defied expectations and inspired us to do the same.

3. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off by Michael Caine

With over 100 movies and two Academy Awards to his credit over six decades. Hollywood legend Michael Caine shares the wisdom, stories, insight, and skills that life has taught him in his remarkable career. And now his 85th year. He has starred in a huge range of films from AlfieZulu, and The Italian Job (the inspiration for the book title). To the Hollywood blockbusting Dark Knight trilogy, Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsHannah and Her Sisters, and Cider House Rules. He knows what success takes–he’s made it to the pinnacle of his profession from humble origins. With brilliant new insight into his life and work. And showcasing his wonderful gift for storytelling. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off is Caine at his wise and entertaining best.

4. This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps

The beloved comedic actress known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks, Dawson’s Creek, and Cougar Town. Become “the breakout star on Instagram stories…imagine I Love Lucy mixed with a modern lifestyle guru” (The New Yorker). Busy Philipps’s autobiographical book offers the same unfiltered and candid storytelling that her Instagram followers have come to know and love. From growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona and her painful and painfully funny teen years, to her life as a working actress, mother, and famous best friend. Her sense of humor, and sharp observations about life, love, and motherhood. Her conversational writing reminds us what we love about her on screens large and small. From film to television to Instagram, Busy delightfully showcases her wry humor and her willingness to bare it all.

5. In Pieces by Sally Field

One of the most celebrated, beloved, and enduring actors of our time. Sally Field has an infectious charm that has captivated the nation for more than five decades. Beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From Gidget‘s sweet-faced “girl next door” to the dazzling complexity of Sybil. The Academy Award-worthy ferocity and depth of Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln. Field has stunned audiences time and time again with her artistic range and emotional acuity. With raw honesty and the fresh, pitch-perfect prose of a natural-born writer. With all the humility and authenticity her fans have come to expect, Field brings readers behind-the-scenes. That is the highs and lows of her star-studded early career in Hollywood. And deep into the truth of her lifelong relationships.

6. Hindsight by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake combines an intimate, collection of anecdotes, reflections, and observations on his life and work. With candid photographs from his personal archives from his early years to the present day. In locations around the world, both on and off the stage. Justin discusses his very early love of music and inspiration behind many of his songs and albums. He talks about his songwriting process, offering the back story to many of his hits. Muses on his collaborations with other artists and directors. Sharing the details of performances in concert, TV comedy, and film. Justin also reflects on who he is, examining what makes him tick. Speaking candidly about fatherhood, family, close relationships, struggles. And his search to find an inner calm and strength.

7. Guru by Ru Paul

A timeless collection of philosophies from renaissance performer. The world’s most famous shape-shifter RuPaul. Whose sage outlook also created an unprecedented career for more than thirty-five years. GuRu is packed with more than 80 beautiful photographs. Illustrating the concept of building the life you want from the outside in and the inside out. That is RuPaul’s secret for success. Not only in show business but in all aspects of life. Especially in navigating the emotional landmines that inhibit most sweet, sensitive souls. If you think this book is just about “doing drag,” you are sorely mistaken. Because for RuPaul, drag is merely a device to deactivate the identity-based ego and allow space for the unlimited.

8. My Love Story by Tina Turner

The long-reigning queen of rock & roll and living legend. Sets the record straight about her illustrious career. And complicated personal life in this eye-opening and compelling memoir. From her early years in Nutbush, Tennessee to her rise to fame alongside Ike Turner. To her phenomenal success in the 1980s and beyond, Tina candidly examines her personal history. From her darkest hours to her happiest moments and everything in between. My Love Story is an explosive and inspiring story of a woman. One who dared to break any barriers put in her way. My Love Story specifically showcases Tina’s signature blend of strength, energy, heart, and soul. This gorgeously wrought memoir maybe as enthralling and moving as any of her greatest hits.

9. Room to Dream by David Lynch

David Lynch – co-creator of Twin Peaks and writer and director of groundbreaking films like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive – opens up. About a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has made along the way. The struggles he has faced – sometimes successful, sometimes not – to bring his projects to fruition. Part-memoir, part-biography, Room to Dream interweaves Lynch’s own reflections on his life. With the story of those times, as told by Kristine McKenna. Drawing from extensive and explosive interviews with ninety of Lynch’s friends, family members, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators. Lynch responds to each recollection and reveals the inner story of the life behind the art.

10. The Flame by Leonard Cohen

The Flame is the final work from Leonard Cohen. Named a Fall Read by Esquire, The Washington Post, TIME and Vanity Fair.  Cohen was a revered poet and musician. His fans span generations and whose work is celebrated throughout the world. Featuring excerpts from his private notebooks, lyrics, and hand-drawn self-portraits. The Flame offers an unprecedentedly intimate look inside the life and mind of a singular artist. A reckoning with a life lived deeply and passionately. With wit and panache, The Flame is a valedictory work. “This volume contains my father’s final efforts as a poet,” writes Cohen’s son, Adam Cohen. In his foreword, “It was what he was staying alive to do, his sole breathing purpose at the end.” Leonard Cohen died in late 2016. 

Which celebrity memoirs are you adding to your TBR?

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