August Catch Up

2018 has been an intense year so far – the husband and I finally managed to buy a house!

We were given notice on our rental as our landlord decided they wanted to sell back in January. We then moved our entire house into our best friend’s spare room for a couple of months. All while looking for somewhere to buy which was a super stressful time. So then moving into our new house didn’t leave a lot of time for blogging… and I didn’t read a single book for an entire month! I’m not sure I’ve EVER said that! Haha even makes me a little sad to write it.

It’s been a fun process but also a really worrying and stressful one. The husband and I are so happy now and we have a great spot for our two dogs to run around. AND we’re now a 5 minute walk from the beach! We now live further away from work so we’re getting used to the commute.

Any way I am still here and will have more reviews on the way. I’m looking forward to unpacking forgotten books and of course checking out our new local library. We’ve found our new local coffee shop but we have a few more to choose from now – investigating will be the fun part! Here in NZ we’re coming to the end of winter and looking forward to summer, so reviews by the beach will be coming your way.

I hope you’ll continue to check in with me at thepurplepeg and in the meantime happy reading!

xo carebear

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