80s Inspiriation from Ready Player One

In anticipation of Ready Player One coming out here’s a bit of inspo for you – I’m so excited! The husband is coming with me who no doubt will pick up waaay more 80s references than I will. I don’t think it’s a game I want to get into, judging by the trailer!!
Below are a few picks in anticipation of Ready Player One:
1. Ready Player One Tshirt

I do like the movie shirt’s with the movie logo – but this one has a bit more of an 80s feel. It comes with a free art card as well!

These are so cute!! Anything Pac Man really 🙂 Have not tried so cannot vouch for taste!

Haha love this one. So true.

4. Travel Mug

Yessss! So ready for work

Pretty cute and I like the colours – you can never have too many socks right?

Love the bright colours of these – would go perfectly on your desk!

For those who collect…

Very cute… and subtle. Am sad it doesn’t ship to NZ…

Just because Bonnie Tyler is a timeless classic!

How cute is this onesie!? Love it.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post! Make sure to check out the trailer for Ready Player One. And of course, check out my review here.

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