Where’d You Go, Bernadette, Maria Semple

Bernadette Fox is notorious

Bee decides she would like to visit Antartica when she aces her report card – a situation that will be difficult for her mother, Bernadette. Bernadette has become secretly so agoraphobic, that she hired a personal assistant to organise everything for her.

After a series of incidents, seemingly unrelated, Bernadette disappears.

Narrated by Bee, we learn about her genius father who works at Microsoft, her mother Bernadette, and some of their relationship. The story is made up of correspondence that Bee has collected to find her mother, starting with an incident at Choat, the school she attends.  the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Bee learns that her mother was a famous architect who suffered a massive defeat which caused their move to Seattle. Through letters, emails, and secret documents we learn of Bernadette’s revolutionary idea’s and the 20 mile house – her masterpiece and what happened to it.

The only solution to find Bernadette is to follow her footsteps and take the trip to Antartica.


A fun quick read that I really enjoyed! I liked the way the story was set out over emails and notes from various sources. I felt so sad when we learned what happened to her house. Quite funny and nice to read something contemporary – a definite change of pace for me! I didn’t really like the relationship change between Elgin and Soo-Lin, you could tell it was building but I felt a bit unnecessary for the story. The emails from Audrey, in particular, made me laugh. Would definitely read again.

Four pegs

Throw this in your beach bag and have a pink penguin cocktail!

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