You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

“How far will you go to achieve a dream?”

There are no limits for the Knox family regarding their Olympic hopeful daughter, Devon, until the boyfriend of her coach’s niece is killed in a hit and run and disrupts their close knit community.

Katie and Eric Knox have dedicated their lives to their daughter Devon. She is their world – every waking minute is spent with her, thinking about her; her body is their life. They’ve taken out two mortgages and maxed out credit cards to pay for her gymnastics. The immense pressure from the other parents in the gym where Devon attends, to not let Ryan’s death affect them has caused everything the Knox’s have worked for to feel suddenly at risk. Devon will lift and promote their gym; her dream is their dream for them and for their children.

Narrated by Devon’s mother Katie who is drawn to the crime while trying to hold herself and her life together as Ryan’s death threatens to shatter everything. Unexpectedly it brings to light rumours and hidden relationships as the gym community tries to operate despite the upheaval.

 “If ambition is an illness, Devon is sick. They all are.”


I do like the style of writing about the dark, obsessive world that can surround gymnastics. It is hard to care too much about Devon; she’s very blank and found I wanted more explanation from her. She definitely isn’t a normal teenager which is good but also hard to relate to. It was also hard to identify with Katie, as narrator, she feels like she’s not totally with it most of the time? You’re fed small amounts of information leading up to the killer that you catch on a lot faster than she does.


Three Pegs

If you’re a fan of Megan Abbott you’ll want more from this one

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